Successful project management is much more than just the supervision of a construction site. In the case of a residential project, TDC’s project management services would and could also include the management and co-ordination of the building design, dealing with TARION, preparing condominium documentation, sales, marketing and more.

Ultimately the success of a project is driven by proactive decision-making in the early stages of planning and design, assembling the right team, and ensuring that everyone including the landowner is kept fully informed and involved during the entire project.


TDC provides turn-key Construction Management services to real estate developers and land owners.

Successful construction management is much more than just the supervision of a construction site. TDC sets its self apart with its long-standing relationships with top tear high-rise construction trades and highly respected design consultants.

Ultimately the success of a project is largely determined during the pre-construction and value engineering input. TDC’s Construction Management expertise provides Owners with the confidence that their project will be completed successfully.


Tripodi Development Consulting Inc. (TDC) provides landowners with the expertise they need to take their lands from the initial due diligence period all the way through to final rezoning and registration.

We provide effective management of all the professionals necessary to complete the land approval process, with just a single point of contact for the landowner. This includes the coordination of surveyors, soils engineers, environmental consultants, engineers, land use planners, lawyers and architects wherever necessary. We will also meet and negotiate with municipal staff, planning committees and City Councils on our clients’ behalf.


As the landowner’s representative, TDC serves as an extension of the owner, providing guidance through the full lifecycle of the project, and protecting the owner’s interest at all times.

We provide the value-added resource required to make their project a success. For owners whose team may not have the required depth of resources to look after each component of a project, Tripodi Development Consulting serves as a knowledgeable and reliable extension of their staff.

As the project’s “eyes and ears”, we can provide representation to make sure that the project proceeds in accordance with contract documents on time and within budget. Working as your advocate, we can help you focus on your core business without distraction.